Come enjoy the uniqueness of Broad Avenue


Located in the historic commercial area of the Binghampton community of Memphis, we are home to more than 70 unique local businesses, including boutique shops, art galleries, artist studios, services, restaurants and bars.  

- photo courtesy of @f8inMemphis


in the Broad Avenue arts district, you will find:

Retail stores featuring eclectic offerings of art, art glass, home furnishings, jewelry, clothing, bikes, artisan made crafts, gift options and more.

Four restaurants and bars, plus a beer tasting room, a coffee bar and cheesecake shop.

Artists creating daily in studios dedicated to classical dance, monument design, painting, sculpting, guitar crafting, carving, casting, jewelry designing, tattooing, photography, stationary design and more. 

Brothers brewing award-winning beer and gnomes baking award-winning cupcakes. 

A kindergarten for grown-ups where you are the creator, a rec room where you can find Mario and beer, and a pump track (bicycle) for kids of all ages (beer there too).

Memphis’ largest selections of light bulbs, theatrical equipment, pet supplies and custom framing.  Also, suppliers providing roofing materials, counter tops, stonework, and the industry leading supplier of communications cable equipment.  

Indoor and outdoor event spaces, landscape services, hair salon and European car repair.

Three firms specializing in marketing, strategy and digital design.

A grassroots, can do group of small business owners and residents working together.

Ten amazing installations of public art including one iconic water tower that gets lit nightly!